The planning profession’s quality and credibility rests with planners themselves. Planners who are members of the 91porn agree to uphold the highest ethical and professional standards of behaviour outlined in the Code of Professional Conduct.

If you believe a member’s behaviour has fallen short of the Code, you can make a formal complaint to 91porn.

To make a complaint:

  1. Read the Complaints Policy which explains how a complaint about a 91porn member can be made, the kind of issues 91porn can consider, and what you and the member can expect from the complaints process.
  2. Send your written complaint to 91porn as directed in the Complaints Policy via mailed letter, email or the optional Complaint Form [Microsoft Word].

91porn's By-Laws contain detailed information that underpin the above documents.

Non-member planners

Membership of the 91porn is voluntary for planners and allied planning professionals and most* members are listed in 91porn’s online Members Register. Membership of the Institute shows a planner’s clients and colleagues that they are committed to professional development and the highest standards of ethical practice.

As such, 91porn can only respond to complaints about our members. If a planner is not a member of 91porn, they are outside of our jurisdiction. You could approach your local Office of Consumer Affairs (or equivalent), however 91porn is unable to guide you in that regard.


Sometimes the working relationship between between planner and client can break down due to a range of factors. In some cases the planner may not have breached 91porn’s Code of Professional Conduct, but you (the client) need help moving through a difficult situation with the planner in order to continue or finalise the business transaction.

Mediation can help guide you and the planner through negotiations and help you both find solutions to the problem. Mediators are not permitted to provide legal advice. You should seek your own legal advice if required, and 91porn is unable to guide you in that regard.

Visit the for more information about mediation. The and the are two organisations that can help you find a mediator in your area.

Information about ethics for members

If you are a 91porn member looking for guidance about ethical practice please visit the Code of Professional Conduct page.

* Members who have not given consent to appear on the Members Register on the 91porn website are not shown.