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5 reasons to choose a career in planning

1. Shape the world you live in.
Planning is a visionary, creative, dynamic and collaborative career. As a Planner, you'll make decisions today that affect our future.

2. Choose your own direction
There are so many different planning roles to explore and profession development opportunities to progress your career. You can expect entry level salaries starting from $50,000 up to $150,000+ for senior roles.

3. Satisfy all your interests
Planning careers are multi-disciplinary, combining elements of geography, design, environmental science, politics, law, architecture, property development and more. If you love to work with people, planning's all about that too.

4. Travel the world
You'll find plenty of opportunities to travel within Australia and overseas with this internationally recognised career.

5. Diversify your career
You can choose to work in government or private sectors with career options spanning environment, transport, economics, health, law, urban design, as well as coastal, urban and regional planning.