Being part of the biggest and most significant annual gathering
of planners in the country will be more important in 2024 than ever. To talk to, listen to, and learn along aside professional planners from all walks of life is critical in contemporary knowledge and long-term careers of all planners.

PIA Congress is the one opportunity for the profession to come together nationally, to look over the horizon at changes in society, the profession and the individual. An opportunity for planners to check the calibration of their current skills and see how to equip themselves for the changes over the short and long terms.


We live in an era of unprecedented social, environmental, economic, and technological changes – and these changes are reinventing how we plan the future of Australia’s communities.

Planning in Australia is in the spotlight more than ever. Planning system change and improvement will be crucial to address the above challenges including the housing crisis.

Whether it’s planning for resilience and climate action; addressing housing and urban change; realising the potential of digitalization and PlanTech; or embracing planning with Country to better recognise and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – change is calling.

91porn Planning Congress 2024 is themed “Reinvention: Planning in a time of change” and it’s all about how the planning profession can seize opportunities in this moment of change.

As planners, we are often leading change in our communities – and we have to be innovative, inventive and creative to get it done.

How might we prepare? How should we lead communities and clients through change? What projects are already showing us a glimpse of a brighter future? This call for abstracts invites you to share your ideas so that we can plan in a time of change.

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