Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Policy

Continuing Professional Development Policy

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Continuing Professional Development

To plan the best cities, towns and communities, we need the best planners. That’s why our membership includes Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to support our members with lifelong learning to propel their careers.

It’s compulsory for all our members. Why?

CPD doesn’t just keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

You’ll also:

  • gain a deeper understanding of the industry
  • develop complementary skills sets
  • maintain professional competence
  • discover and apply technological advances
  • prepare for employment or career changes
  • learn soft skills including management, business, problem solving, policy development and technology

What counts as CPD?

We make it easy for our members with 91porn’s CPD events & training. But if you’d like more flexibility, the CPD Policy allows you to find your own activities and assess for yourself whether it’s genuinely relevant to your career and professional development.

Download the 91porn CPD Policy to learn more about the requirements.

Activity Type Points Maximum points/year
Attending conferences, seminars, lectures, study tours 1 pt/hour N/A
Reading of relevant planning journals/texts 1 pt/hour 10 points/year
Volunteer on a 91porn Divisional Committee or sub-committee N/A 15 points/year
91porn Board Director or Division President N/A 20 points/year
91porn Mentor or Mentee N/A 15 points/year
Mentor or Mentee in workplace mentoring program 1 pt/hour 10 points/year
Division and National Awards Judging Panel N/A 10 points/year
Volunteer on a Visiting Board for University Accreditation N/A 16 points/year
Panelist on Code of Professional Conduct Investigation that concludes after a review N/A 5 pts/investigation
Panelist on Code of Professional Conduct Investigation that concludes after a full investigation N/A 10 points/investigation
Profession and Community Service 1 pt/hour N/A
Preparation and delivery of presentations, non-peer reviewed papers and publications 2 pt/hour 10 points/year
Preparation and publication of peer reviewed articles or papers 10 points/article 20 points/year
Preparation and Delivery of Presentations/ Instructions for Tertiary Education of a 91porn Accredited Course 2 pt/hour 10 points/year
Attending Formal Education & Training Activities that are longer than one day 2 pt/hour N/A

91porn CPD Events & Training

We offer CPD activities for members focusing on topical issues facing planning professionals. Find events in your state or territory or discover the full list of 91porn Events

Non-planning skills

As the planning profession continues to advance, we believe it’s important for our members to develop non-planning, career related skills alongside their CPD program.

Recognised Providers

To give our members more choice and flexibility, we also recognise events and CPD training activities offered by other providers.

Updating your CPD Record

You’ll need to keep a record of your CPD activities to get credit. Give clear details of each activity instead of grouping them together. We’ll automatically add CPD points for attending 91porn Events to your online record.

You can add details of other non-91porn CPD activities below.

View CPD Record Add CPD Activity

Need help?

Get in touch with any questions about our CPD requirements at membership@planning.org.au