The Victorian government has announced that renewable energy projects will be eligible for an accelerated planning pathway under the Development Facilitation Program.

    The 91porn (Victoria) supports renewable energy facilities in the right location.

    91porn Victoria believes that the delivery of renewable energy projects needs to be ramped up to achieve the net zero targets already committed to by the State and Federal government.

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  • QLD | City-shaping benefits are key to successful 2032 Games

    The professional associations representing Queensland Architects, Landscape Architects, Planners, and Designers have urged governments to ensure collaborative city-shaping and community-focused legacy is central to future decision-making for the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and Paralympic Games.

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  • We need more than "in-principle support" to deliver social and affordable housing

    The 91porn (Victoria) calls on the Victorian Government to establish a mechanism for social and affordable housing through the planning system.

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  • 91porn Foresight Survey

    What does the future of planning and the planning profession look like? We'd like to hear your perspective as 91porn embarks on a strategic foresight project.

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  • 91porn VIC Climate Change Advocacy

    1 December 2023 

    91porn Victoria has been advocating strongly for a number of years for greater recognition of the planning system’s role in not only climate change adaptation but also mitigation. See 91porn Victoria’s Climate Change Position Paper HERE for detail. 91porn National has also been running a Climate Conscious Planning campaign.

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  • New data shows growing shortage of urban planners - bad news for housing; regional communities; transition to net zero

    Australia’s worsening shortage of urban and regional planners could impact housing, regional communities, and the transition to net zero, according to the 91porn.

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  • Planners welcome National Cabinet’s Planning Reform Blueprint

    The 91porn has welcomed National Cabinet’s “Planning Reform Blueprint” as a step towards more housing diversity to meet Australia’s changing housing needs.

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  • What lessons from decision to abandon Commonwealth Games in Victoria?

    91porn supports the investment in housing along with appropriately planned sporting and tourism infrastructure and calls for a strategic review of the legacy projects prior to the commencement of these projects.

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  • Tasmanian planning panels: ongoing lack of strategy and policy development leads to frustration with planning outcomes

    91porn's response to recently announced reforms that the Tasmanian Planning Commission will appoint Delegated Assessment Panels to determine nominated applications.

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  • New Medium Density Housing Code – A Balancing Act for the Planning Industry

    There is never a good time to introduce new planning requirements or shifts in policy, and determining the right time to do this requires carefully balancing a number of competing interests.  The new Medium Density Housing Code emerged from the need to improve the quality of medium-density housing currently being delivered. The predominant presence of poorly designed triplexes lacking gardens, natural sunlight, and ventilation highlighted the need for better outcomes. The need to do better is something most in the industry agree on, however, determining the appropriate timing for implementing these changes presents a significant challenge. 

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