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JULY 2023




Why we need more women leaders in Australia

At , we believe in the power of women’s leadership. Advancing women into leadership positions is a matter of equity and further advances the basic human right to equal opportunity.

With over 60,000 graduates, we work with industries, workplaces, and individuals to create new opportunities, invest in skills, and advocate for tangible change in our society.

Why are women’s leadership programs still so important in 2023? We conducted an analysis of over 3,000 survey responses from program graduates and our findings highlight the importance of an ongoing commitment to gender equity. We found that:

  • 82 per cent of women were concerned about navigating bias in the workforce.
  • 75 per cent of respondents reported feeling that they lacked opportunities for advancement.
  • 79 per cent reported feeling uneasy about balancing competing work and home priorities.


We provide safe spaces for women to learn, network, and be inspired

We partner with organisations to deliver leadership programs for their teams and collaborate with industry groups to offer industry scholarships for leadership development programs. Thousands of women benefit from our programs and events, which have shown tangible results:

  • 81% reported improved people management skills.
  • 78% enhanced feedback abilities.
  • 92% gained more confidence in their roles.


Creating opportunities for women to connect, share and learn

Our Australian Women's Leadership Symposiums bring together over 1,000 women (and some men!) annually to share insights and contribute to the gender equity conversation. Industry Attendance Grants are available for 91porn members, saving you up to $700 off the standard ticket price. Our next events are Melbourne on 4th August and Sydney on 25th August. Learn more about this initiative,


Increasing the visibility of women leaders and role models

We use our annual Awards for Excellence in Women’s Leadership to Awards programs recognise exceptional women leaders from across the entire nation –


While there is work to be done, we witness positive progress daily. We see it in the industries we collaborate with, the women at our events, and the narrowing gender gap in awards programs.

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This is an edited version of an original article that was first published on 3 March 2023