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October 2023



How AURIN supports urban researchers and planners

At AURIN we make hard-to-get data accessible – supporting innovative research on sustainable and resilient cities and towns. By building and providing this digital infrastructure, we empower Australian researchers, policy makers and planners to address the greatest urban and regional challenges facing us today.


Streamlining access to data

AURIN’s existing digital infrastructure primarily supports work across transport, housing, labour markets, urban and regional planning, impacts of urban environments on population health, liveability and sustainability.


Users can access data free-of-charge through the AURIN Data Provider, with further hard-to-get data available at reduced rates through AURIN’s network of data partners, including Geoscape and Domain.


Future focused

In coming decades, Australian cities, towns and regional centres will have to address several key challenges at a scale and pace never seen before—namely: adapting to the impact of climate change, facilitating energy transitions in all sectors, as well as delivering adequate housing and social infrastructure to a population characterised by significant demographic transitions.


As a result, over the next five-year period AURIN aims to lead a community establishing foundations for Australia’s Urban Digital Twins, with a focus on these key areas of change.


Reducing technological barriers

As a National Digital Research Infrastructure facility, AURIN aims to lower technological barriers, open data access, and increase information sharing amongst scientific communities.


As these requirements shift, we will continue to identify the information and support tools decision-makers need and ensure the data and analytics we provide are modular and compatible with efforts to develop an Urban Digital Twin for Australia.


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