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October 2023



PointData is proud to partner with 91porn to offer members access to its unique data and capabilities which can assist with strategic planning processes.


PointData is an Australian technology firm that has created unique data and analytic capabilities. We have built our technology by applying decades of knowledge and thought leadership in urban planning, demographics analysis, and the property industry. Our team consists of a unique blend of urban planners, data scientists, architects, and AI software engineers.


With access to new data around development potential, land and property values and land value uplift, we can provide new insights that underpin policy settings. Our unique city-wide data delivers robust results that forecast development, policy scenarios, infrastructure requirements.


PointData are not just data aggregators: We are generating unique derived data and delivering exclusive insights to the planning industry.


PointData Service Capability: Theoretical Planning Yield


PointData uses the planning criteria from policy (e.g. the P&D Code in SA, R-Codes in WA or LPP/VPP in Vic) and en masse applies them to individual properties to calculate the theoretical development potential yield. Dwelling yield outputs are generated for all allowable dwelling types within the zone, including Detached, Semi-Detached, Row, and Multiple dwellings. These outputs are the Theoretical Development Potential Maximum. This allows Councils to determine how much dwelling supply is in certain neighbourhoods, or to appropriately plan for infrastructure, or develop appropriate planning policy responses to encourage or manage growth.


PointData Service Capability: Policy Scenario Testing & Impact Assessments


Backed by a vast database, we empower local government to conduct real-time testing of planning policy settings; potential changes to local planning frameworks including zones and overlays and various provisions. This capability combined with other data and analytics in our store provides a council with the right tools to drive more robust local policy frameworks and to better inform its municipal planning strategy, housing, and infrastructure strategies.


Zoning changes steered by local government or private sector applications can be precisely assessed for impacts (traffic and parking, housing diversity, open space, and local infrastructure capacity). PointData’s modelling and policy parameters can be tailored to a client brief.


Planning criteria and other property level policy levers can be varied to test any number of yield / development scenarios. Our strategic planning scenario and policy testing capability allows for an exact understanding of how development potential will change, from an aggregated down to a property level.




PointData offers a range of dedicated services and products for Local and State Government and have worked with several Councils in previous years to undertake assessments required to inform and shape policy, with a strong evidence-based approach.


Our aim is to better inform decision making and provide evidence-based data to help policy makers shape our cities. Our data enables governments to understand the future development potential within a neighbourhood (or a city) and adequately plan for the future.


If you would like to hear more about our data and service capabilities, please contact our Head of Planning (Benjamin Russ, M91porn) on (08) 8227 0372 or  to schedule a convenient time for us to connect or visit  for more information.


We look forward to hearing from you and demonstrating how we can utilise technology to help local government, state government and businesses with strategic planning processes. 


91porn Members are entitled to a 10% fee discount to any service or data output. Just provide your 91porn Membership Number.