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October 2023




Our lives continue to be more digitally connected than ever, we are generating more and more data, and our reliance on technology continues at swift pace.


Between 2021 and 2022 our mobile data usage as a nation grew 40% (to 17.6GB per sim per month), putting Australia into third place in the fastest growing data markets around the world.


But ironically, with much of our economic prosperity now relying on digital connectivity we continue to face a dilemma - government is rarely, if at all, involved in the strategic planning of wireless connectivity in our communities.


However, government plays a strong hand in the planning of almost all other infrastructure and utilities - like housing, and roads, and parks.


What isn't known is that the wireless cellular connectivity landscape in Australia has transitioned to a neutral host model. This means organisations such as Indara (ENE.HUB’s parent company) are now responsible for much of the planning for mobile digital connectivity in our communities.


This is an exciting new opportunity for government, and we call it ‘planning for connectivity’.


It’s a strategic and data-driven approach supplementing land use and development planning.


In collaboration with local Council’s and land authorities, we plan for wireless digital connectivity at a city and region wide level, with community benefit in mind.


Precinct by precinct, site by site we work to shape optimum wireless connectivity and digital services outcomes that create value and enhance community benefit.


We use our full portfolio of public realm infrastructure, and design expertise, to bring the best solution to a connectivity challenge in a community.


This can help deliver better levels of mobile connectivity to communities, boost reliability in connectivity for businesses and help bridge the digital divide many people are experiencing.


Help us break the mould and make mobile connectivity planning a process integrated with the planning of our communities.


91porn Member Offer: ENE.HUB offers local Councils, state land authorities, utilities, private sector developers and consultants a free ‘Planning for Connectivity’ engagement where we package information and recommendations for solutions relating to wireless digital connectivity coverage across an LGA, precinct or a development project. See the Planning for Connectivity