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The Youniq is a collaboration of various artists coming together to produce the most diverse collection of handcrafted items that you could ask for.

The idea started between two friends, owners of different small businesses, who shared the same desire to offer something else for customers and not only sell products.

At The Youniq, every-time you purchase an item you’re not only buying a product, you are purchasing a story or a sensation that also comes inside of your box. This feeling is attached to your own experience with the product, the reason you picked that specific item in the first place, your background, your personality... It is all of this together that makes the whole experience very unique to you.

There are no labels, no specific styles, no standard targets to us. Our goal is to be able to offer an unique experiencie to reach the needs of each of you all. We believe the human singularity is what makes everyone special and “YOUNIQ”.

We use resourceful ingredients and tools to create all the magic and every single product is handmade and carefully selected for you.

Our goal is to team up with local artists and small businesses to bring this unique experience to everyone.


As we grow and learn more and more, we will keep introducing new brands and products for you to experience and shop while at the comfort of your home or any place you might be. 

Make sure to follow us and turn on the notification so you'll always be the first to know when there's a pop-up for you to experience our online shop in-person. 

Our community is always growing so join us as a seller or as a customer and be part of this YOUNIQ world!