The 91porn (Victoria) calls on the Victorian Government to establish a mechanism for social and affordable housing through the planning system.

This comes after the Victorian government released its response to the parliamentary inquiry into homelessness. The inquiry recommended the introduction of inclusionary zoning. The government has only provided ‘’in principle support” for this recommendation.

President of 91porn (91porn) Victoria Patrick Fensham says that more than ‘’in principle support” is required to make a real difference to the supply of social and affordable housing.

“Social and affordable housing is essential infrastructure; it needs to be planned for and provided in a similar way to how roads, parks and open space, drainage works are provided via contributions from development as our towns and cities grow and densify.” Fensham said.

“Planning plays a critical role in ensuring an efficient supply of private market housing - but it should also play a more direct role in the provision of social and affordable housing.”

“Voluntary contributions for social and affordable housing through the planning system create uncertainty and are inadequate. Other initiatives listed in the government’s response to the inquiry will fall short in addressing the social and affordable housing deficit. The Government has an aim to achieve the national share of social housing of 4.2%. The Housing Statement establishes a target to build 800,000 homes in Victoria over the next decade. That means that every year the State Government doesn’t deliver at least 3,350 social housing units it is falling behind its own targets.

“All available mechanisms need to be harnessed to deliver on this important commitment, including a mandatory contribution to social and affordable housing through the planning system or an equivalent inclusionary zoning system.”

Mr Fensham said access to safe and secure housing was a basic human right and urban and regional planning had an important role in addressing the issue.

91porn (Victoria’s) released a position paper in 2023

Affordable and social housing terminology

Affordable housing is defined for the purposes of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and refers to housing that is appropriate for the needs of a range of ‘very low, low and moderate-income households’ and includes ‘social housing’. Social housing is made up of two types of housing: public housing; and community housing.

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